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McGee Brown Running For Reelection

January 10, 2012

Of course she is, but wonder what her chances are.

She is the only true Democrat on the Court, appointed by outgoing Gov. Strickland at the end of 2010 after Ted was unable to stumble across the finish line with a victory. One can’t really draw from those results as far as 2012 for McGee Brown goes – it was totally a Kasich v. Strickland affair.

Brown will face Sharon Kennedy, a domestic relations judge from Butler Co. If you spent any time on the Republican dinner/meeting/event circuit last year, you know Kennedy was literally everywhere trying to drum up support for her cause, which she ultimately received by getting the ORP endorsement.

Got to think Democrats really want to keep this seat, but how much will they spend to keep it? And of course, how much will the GOP be willing to spend on it. Part of us thinks they’ll spend what they think they need to so they can keep a foothold in the court, the other half of us thinks they won’t drain resources into winning a seat when regardless of the outcome they’ll still be a minority.

Obviously this race is nowhere near important as the state central committee overthrow races are, as you’ll see by the money that is going to be and has been spent for the Kasich & Co. coup attempt.

But we have two popular and common ballot last names: Brown and Kennedy.


Go Away

November 29, 2011

One-term former Ohio Governor Ted Strickland is back in the news (also getting himself back in the news in the process). Unlike most former governors who accept the results of an election and exit the stage, Strickland has taken the “Jimmy Carter” route.

His latest foray into the political discourse comes in the form of a role of DNC spokesman against the 2012 GOP frontrunner, Mitt Romney.

From the Cleveland Plain Dealer:  — The Democratic National Committee on Monday enlisted former Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland to help mount a small but punchy television and Internet attack on Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney.

Strickland appeared at Ohio Democratic Party headquarters to announce the launch of a 30-second commercial that aims to paint Romney as a serial flip-flopper on issues dear to voters.

Unless you are a corpse, you probably know that ole Ted wants his last job back. He must think that someone will owe him a favor by getting involved here. I personally thought he retired and moved back to Kentucky, but maybe I am wrong.

On a side note, maybe Ted can use the soon to be deceased license plates his wife designed as a background for his 2014 yard signs.