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Dispatch: UAW will lobby for ouster of Chris Redfern

April 7, 2012

Ohio’s United Auto Workers union will lobby for the ouster of Ohio Democratic Party chairman Chris Redfern, The Dispatch has learned. 

Sources said UAW Region 2B president Ken Lortz will send a letter to the state party’s 66-member central committee Monday urging that Redfern be replaced by Lorain County Chairman Anthony Giardini when the committee elects a chairman Wednesday night. 

I guess if the man who beat him in every single state race in 2010, Kevin DeWine, has to go, then Redfern should too.  At least in this case there is a valid reason to get rid of the guy – the party got slaughtered under his leadership and he is running for State Rep.


First Thoughts

March 8, 2012

Late, but still first thoughts.

President: Not surprised. Expected a close Romney win.

OH-2: Obviously the stunner of anywhere last night, not just Ohio. Schmidt was going to be beat at some point, but this was still a surprise. The shill blogs fed information and talking points from Team Schmidt must also be very surprised. And wondering how they got taken. Probably would not have wanted to be around Mean Jean today. Or really ever, actually.

OH-6: The rematch between Bill Johnson and Charlie Wilson is now official. Johnson is the favorite here for a lot of reasons, but mainly because the new district is more Republican than it was. Wilson’s previous votes aren’t much of a help to him at all.

OH-7 (old): Steve Austria is still really pissed.

OH-9: Kucinich was slaughtered, and I think a lot of folks were surprised by the wide margin. We were a little bit, but he never really had a chance the way that district was drawn. He will be back in some capacity because he has the ego that tells him he is needed and because he doesn’t know how to work in the private sector.

OH-16: Renacci v. Sutton is now official. Going to be a tough race, but one Renacci should win. This is a race to keep an eye on, certainly.

State Central Committee Races: Tough to tell, as both sides are claiming victory. We’re inclined to think that DeWine has the edge over Kasich / Priesse but until we see something solid, no one really knows. Of course, no one really knows how some of these people are going to vote for certain.

Unless you are a candidate, family member, consultant, or a local news reporter, no one cares about the other local races anymore.

McGee Brown Running For Reelection

January 10, 2012

Of course she is, but wonder what her chances are.

She is the only true Democrat on the Court, appointed by outgoing Gov. Strickland at the end of 2010 after Ted was unable to stumble across the finish line with a victory. One can’t really draw from those results as far as 2012 for McGee Brown goes – it was totally a Kasich v. Strickland affair.

Brown will face Sharon Kennedy, a domestic relations judge from Butler Co. If you spent any time on the Republican dinner/meeting/event circuit last year, you know Kennedy was literally everywhere trying to drum up support for her cause, which she ultimately received by getting the ORP endorsement.

Got to think Democrats really want to keep this seat, but how much will they spend to keep it? And of course, how much will the GOP be willing to spend on it. Part of us thinks they’ll spend what they think they need to so they can keep a foothold in the court, the other half of us thinks they won’t drain resources into winning a seat when regardless of the outcome they’ll still be a minority.

Obviously this race is nowhere near important as the state central committee overthrow races are, as you’ll see by the money that is going to be and has been spent for the Kasich & Co. coup attempt.

But we have two popular and common ballot last names: Brown and Kennedy.

Tiberi Goes After DeWine

December 23, 2011

Normally we are fans of the work of Reginald Fields of the Cleveland Plain Dealer. His latest, however, probably just by honest ommission, leaves out a key piece of information.

A long serving Columbus Republican congressman is urging his state party chairman to get back to working for the GOP “instead of tearing it down.”

A frustrated Congressman Pat Tiberi confirmed that he sent an email to Ohio Republican Party Chairman Kevin DeWine on Wednesday after the chairman this week took his spat with Republican Gov. John Kasich on television, accusing Kasich of trying to unseat him.

That’s fine. Tiberi certainly can have his opinion on anything he wants. That said, nowhere in the story are the long ties between Governor Kasich and Congressman Tiberi mentioned. Tiberi used to work for Kasich as a staffer when the now Governor was in Congress. This was before Tiberi ran for the seat Kasich vacated in 2000.

We don’t know Tiberi’s intentions here. Maybe he is honestly trying to pull the party together ahead of 2012. Maybe he is trying to help his old mentor and friend in his quest to boot DeWine. Who knows.

What is known is that this piece of key information was missing from the article.

Kasich’s staff used in effort to oust DeWine

December 16, 2011

Headline ripped verbatim from the article.

Dispatch: In an exclusive interview, Ohio Republican Party Chairman Kevin DeWine revealed that members of Gov. John Kasich’s staff were used in an ongoing effort to oust DeWine as head of the party.

Official documents show Kasich’s regional liaisons Nicole Kostura, Nick Gatz and Sherri Carbo each turned in petitions for candidates to run for the GOP state central committee against candidates who support DeWine. The petitions were delivered by the Kasich staffers during weekday work hours.

You can read the article. But in summary, someone had Kasich staff members recruit candidates to run against sitting central committee members, who likely busted their asses to get Kasich elected (and as you recall, he needed the help). Quite the reward they received.

Of course, the work was done on “days off” of the staffers.

We don’t know yet who had the staffers do this, but two things can be assumed. First, they didn’t all independently do it on their own, and secondly, it probably wasn’t someone in the mailroom that gave the orders.

So if the presidential primary looks sealed up by someone by March 6, at least we know where the drama will be.

Circular Firing Squad

December 5, 2011

Well, here’s another in what will surely be a series – potshots by a Republican at a Republican.

So, on Friday Ohio House Speaker Bill Batchhelder claimed that Ohio Republican Chairman Kevin DeWine gave a speech where DeWine said Gov. Kasich was motivated by “personal profit, ego, and power.”

Here’s the link:

But that’s not what DeWine said. At all. In a speech appealing to party unity (would be nice headed into 2012, no?), DeWine called out the lobbyists and political consultants who are close to the Governor and that those were the people who were motivated by: “personal profit, ego, and power.” According to an article, the speech got a standing ovation.

Here’s the article:

Probably not unfair, nor untrue, to say that there are lots of people around the state talking about how Kasich is reliant on lobbyists and paid consultants for advice. The same lobbyists and consultants who helped drive him to a hotly contested and narrow victory in a race that should have been over and done with by Labor Day.

The first Dispatch article makes it clear that the governor and his allies have decided that a good use of resources (and more on exactly where these resources are coming from in a future post) is to target central committee members in an effort to unseat DeWine, who was reelected unanimously after the 2010 bloodbath inflicted on Democrats in Ohio.

What a waste. In trying to figure out the real motivation behind the Governor’s powerplay, it’s not a stretch to buy into the “personal profit, ego, and power” angle.

It’s no real secret that this has been going on “behind the scenes”, but the article details it in-depth in public for the first time.

If the press is going to cover this, great, but let’s get the main background of the story right. Ok?

Like we said, more to come. Much more.