Exit Stage Moderate: Steve LaTourette

Surprising. Everyone “knew” he was going to do 1 or 2 more terms then call it a day. Except that wasn’t how it ended up.

We’ll find out the real reasons down the road….I don’t think anyone buys his tired lines of “gridlock” and “too much partisanship.” You don’t just bail at the end of July when the election is in November and you are a shoo-in for reelection.

The real story, though, is the behind the scenes jockeying to replace him. Not even sure I would want to be one of the county chairs with a vote on who the replacement nominee will be at this point, getting unsolicited phone calls from people talking up their candidacies. We also imagine the pressure will be amped up on this Dale Blanchard to get out of the race on the Democrat side. The guess is he says screw you to the party leaders, the same ones who have always said the same to him when he has run in the past.

Question: Dennis Kucinich taking a look at running? We heard Betty Sutton was thinking about it (switching to run here), but she is too busy releasing fake polls touting her ahead of Renacci to do that.

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