Time For a Wrap

If we had to guess, we’d say Romney will win tomorrow here in Ohio, but it should be close. Polls are everywhere, so who really knows.

Also, hopefully Romney does win, so we can get on to the general. There was some talk that maybe a “protracted fight” would make him a stronger candidate, but that didn’t happen and he needs to start conserving resources.

Romney is going to be the nominee. He just is. And the whole notion that “Obama has this thing locked” up is kind of absurd, considering it is only March and many, many events still have to occur.Except for the obvious rise in gas prices, the Supreme Court decision regarding ObamaCare still looms large. In our estimation, it is no-win for Obama – if for some reason it is mostly upheld, his unpopular legislation will embolden his opponents even more. If the majority of the law is struck down, opponents can say he has no reagrd for the Constitution. It’s a big factor that for some reason, almost no one is talking about.

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