A Plea

We really want the domain “RedStateOhio.com.” Now that Kevin Coughlin “dropped out” of the GOP primary against Josh Mandel, whoever runs it should drop the charade that it was a real blog and not a Coughlin front (site not updated since Coughlin pulled out of race in Nov. 2011) and transfer the domain to us. It would be for the benefit of the whole party.

Summary: Stop wasting the name RedStateOhio on a fake blog that doesn’t even operate anymore. Contact us at redohio2012{at}gmail{dot}com and we can work out arrangements – we also want the video of the goofy looking Mandel supporting Al Gore. Now that’s funny – and surprising that it hasn’t gotten more play.

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One Comment on “A Plea”

  1. mRed Says:

    Any word on the domain?

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