Never Too Early (?)

All the Richard Cordray in the news got us thinking. Cordray has long been known to have both eyes firmly on the job of Ohio Governor. So, for argument’s sake, let’s say he has a nice long tenure in his recently acquired position. Who does that leave on the Democratic side to run against John Kasich in 2014 (assuming he runs again)?

The election, of course, is way off, but Kasich isn’t exactly making friends with Democrats, Independents, or Republicans. So if he finds himself in the same weak position now in late 2013 / early 2014, who might run against him? You’d have to think Democrats would fight one another for the opportunity.

Here is the list we came up with, assuming Cordray is out; feel free to add any additional names.

Ted Strickland: The former governor hasn’t exactly put to rest the rumors he wants a rematch, and if he does, he would probably be a frontrunner. That said, we don’t buy he would seriously run – his age coupled with the fact that he wouldn’t want to risk a second loss probably would keep him out. Feels like bluster.

Tim Ryan: Probably as of now the one to keep your eye on. If Ted doesn’t run, Ryan likely has his backing. They have a long history, and rumors say Ryan is seriously pondering the option. Ryan has baggage (who doesn’t) but would likely be a strong candidate. If you ask “those in the know,” he is the answer you will get.

Mike Coleman: Always a name brought up in these discussions. The Columbus Mayor wanted the nomination in 2006, but was pushed / stepped aside for Strickland. You might believe he passed on running in the newly created Dem district in Columbus because he wants this. He also now no longer has his ex-wife and her issues trailing him.

Jimmy Dimora: Pending the result of his corruption trial……..

John Boccieri: Says he only wants to be in Congress, but not sure who turns down being a gubentorial nominee. Problem for him is that he voted for health care, cap and trade, and the stimulus. Those votes never go away.

David Pepper: The 2010 loser in the auditor’s race might put up a bunch of money and make some noise.

That’s off the top of our head. Probably more, but looks like a good first list.

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