Handicapping Kucinich v. Kaptur

Would have been nice to see both go, but thats not an option.

We were driving tonight and got involved in this conversation: As a Republican, and you were forced to cross over and vote for Dennis or Marcy in the primary, who would you choose?

Well, we both chose Dennis. Here’s why.

No one takes Dennis serious. He is “just Dennis.” Doesn’t really do anything good or bad legislation wise – he is just there getting on the news, grandstanding. He isn’t going to hurt anyone. Kaptur, the longest serving person in the Ohio Congressional delegation, is a true committed liberal, who believes in the cause (Dennis may have at one point).

Anyways. Kaptur is favored with the 50,000 extra D’s from her old district. Kucinich shouldn’t be taken for granted. He is a tough campaigner (unless running for president) and has a known name and Kaptur is like 89 years old think. (Actually we looked it up – both were born in 1946, Kaptur just looks like she was born in 1846). And, Kaptur has the huge money advantage – though not sure if that is that big of a deal, because no one lives in Toledo or Cleveland anymore.

So for now, after that in-depth analysis, we’ll choose Kaptur just based on the numbers. But she isn’t going to cruise to number.

Sorry, not going to choose Joe the Plumber over either.

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