SW Ohio for Gingrich, I hear.

In what seems like an already pretty dated article even though it was published on December 26th, this AP piece tells us about all the folks in southwest Ohio that are turning to Newt Gingrich to avoid Romney.

Ok. Fine. (Did Gingrich get on the ballot in Ohio?)

Romney is going to be the nominee. You don’t have to like it, but maybe start to accept that you’ll have to accept it. You might even need to read the opinion piece from the New York Daily News titled “We take this Mitt: Republicans and Romney, an arranged marriage.”

Mitt Romney doesn’t strike us as a McCain type, who looks to stick the base in the eye when possible. Romney at least tries to say the right thing because he wants us to like him. McCain it seemed didn’t even do that, though much of that was probably because he thought all the “independents” would propel him to victory. (It did not).

But back to the AP article. Lori Viars, a conservative activist and anti-abortion leader in Lebanon (our edit: huge supporter of Kasich, but thrown under the bus by him in the state central committee mess, but she still seemingly has his back), predicted that a Romney nomination would keep some Christian evangelicals on the sidelines in November because of concern about his previous positions on issues, led by abortion. Some in her crowd — Viars is among them — might also hesitate over Gingrich’s personal history, which includes two divorces and acknowledged marital infidelity.

Really? Who is going to stay at home when you are a Republican and the choice is Obama?

At the end of the AP piece, Cincinnati Tea Party leader Mike Wilson actually makes sense for once – he says that Obama is the ultimate opponent.” True.

When even Wilson seems to accept and know what is going to happen, other Republicans should probably do the same. If Romney wins in Iowa then New Hampshire – possible at this point now – it’s pretty much over.

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