Redfern Mad DCCC Didn’t Want to Waste Money

Roll Call: Ohio Democratic Party Chairman Chris Redfern blasted the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee for refusing to help fund the party’s efforts to fight the state’s new Congressional map.

“I’m deeply disappointed by the response from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee,” Redfern told Roll Call. “Knowing that we had a chance to limit our losses as a Congressional delegation and actually, we were in one of those rare situations, where we could have dictated our future from a map-drawing standpoint.”

The DCCC didn’t spend money because they knew there weren’t going to be enough signatures. Pretty much everyone knew that. Even Redfern, despite his attempt to save face here. Hence his attempt to shift blame. Why should they keep money for valuable races in 2012 when they can help his image!!!!

Without the signatures, the Democrats fighting the redistricting maps really had no leverage. Likely any GOP map would have held up in court and the GOP could have also just forced through a map even more punishing to Democrats, which was possible. So they had to sign on to a deal.

As Republicans, its easy to sit here and say “to the victors go the spoils” but its actually true.

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2 Comments on “Redfern Mad DCCC Didn’t Want to Waste Money”

  1. Buckeye Pundit Says:

    Chris Redfern is a fool. He is fleeing his party to run for a Statehouse seat.

  2. Gerry M. Ander Says:

    Probably running in a gerrymandered seat, nonetheless.

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