Kasich’s staff used in effort to oust DeWine

Headline ripped verbatim from the article.

Dispatch: In an exclusive interview, Ohio Republican Party Chairman Kevin DeWine revealed that members of Gov. John Kasich’s staff were used in an ongoing effort to oust DeWine as head of the party.

Official documents show Kasich’s regional liaisons Nicole Kostura, Nick Gatz and Sherri Carbo each turned in petitions for candidates to run for the GOP state central committee against candidates who support DeWine. The petitions were delivered by the Kasich staffers during weekday work hours.

You can read the article. But in summary, someone had Kasich staff members recruit candidates to run against sitting central committee members, who likely busted their asses to get Kasich elected (and as you recall, he needed the help). Quite the reward they received.

Of course, the work was done on “days off” of the staffers.

We don’t know yet who had the staffers do this, but two things can be assumed. First, they didn’t all independently do it on their own, and secondly, it probably wasn’t someone in the mailroom that gave the orders.

So if the presidential primary looks sealed up by someone by March 6, at least we know where the drama will be.

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