Steve Austria Pissed

Or at least “shocked and upset” according to this Dispatch article from this afternoon. I guess everyone but him knew what the new map was going to look like.

Apparently when you are universally disliked by everyone, and someone from your party has to get the short end of the stick, it might just be you. Let’s just say Austria isn’t the most popular congressman within the Ohio delegation. He should lose to Mike Turner in the new 10th (handily), though we aren’t sure anyone actually knows anything about Turner, anything he has done, or what he looks like.

Personally, we would have liked to see a Stivers-Austria matchup, but oh well. That said, the Austria-Turner showdown should be bloody. Austria has nothing to lose, so should be an interesting couple of months.

You’d have to say Jim Renacci is probably a little displeased also, though the recent poll that shows him tied with Betty Sutton seems a little far fetched. Wayne and the portion of Medina County he has should ensure his victory in 2012.

On the flip side, you’d also have to say that fellow frosh both Bob Gibbs and Bill Johnson made out well. Gibbs famously said that “Washington doesn’t like him much,” but obviously someone does like him when you consider he could have been drawn into an incumbent v. incumbent race – but instead got a new district that has a lot of his old territory from his statehouse days.

Now we know the battle lines. Finally.

Update: Source says the new 15th has 38% of Austria’s old voters and 35% of Stivers’s. Austria has said he won’t run against him, but when it’s that or leave Congress…..

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