Recall Elections Rejected

Dayton Daily News: The Republican-controlled House Tuesday turned back an effort by Democrats to give Ohio voters the chance to recall governors, other statewide nonjudicial officials and state legislators before their terms are up. The vote to table – and kill – the proposal was 56-36.

After seeing the havoc recall elections have on other states (and seeing the hand wringing over the cost of additional election days), the Ohio House did the right thing in killing an effort to bring recall elections here. Governor Kasich was elected by Ohioans and Ohioans will have their say again in 2014 one way or another.

But the same holds true for the State Republican Party. Kevin DeWine was re-elected unanimously last fall, and this effort to undermine him in the middle of his term, and on the eve of a vitally important election year is ill conceived to be generous. Just as we should resist efforts from Democrats to undermine John Kasich’s administration, so should we resist efforts by Republicans to undermine the good work the state party has done in 2010 and 2011 – before it is too late.

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