Circular Firing Squad

Well, here’s another in what will surely be a series – potshots by a Republican at a Republican.

So, on Friday Ohio House Speaker Bill Batchhelder claimed that Ohio Republican Chairman Kevin DeWine gave a speech where DeWine said Gov. Kasich was motivated by “personal profit, ego, and power.”

Here’s the link:

But that’s not what DeWine said. At all. In a speech appealing to party unity (would be nice headed into 2012, no?), DeWine called out the lobbyists and political consultants who are close to the Governor and that those were the people who were motivated by: “personal profit, ego, and power.” According to an article, the speech got a standing ovation.

Here’s the article:

Probably not unfair, nor untrue, to say that there are lots of people around the state talking about how Kasich is reliant on lobbyists and paid consultants for advice. The same lobbyists and consultants who helped drive him to a hotly contested and narrow victory in a race that should have been over and done with by Labor Day.

The first Dispatch article makes it clear that the governor and his allies have decided that a good use of resources (and more on exactly where these resources are coming from in a future post) is to target central committee members in an effort to unseat DeWine, who was reelected unanimously after the 2010 bloodbath inflicted on Democrats in Ohio.

What a waste. In trying to figure out the real motivation behind the Governor’s powerplay, it’s not a stretch to buy into the “personal profit, ego, and power” angle.

It’s no real secret that this has been going on “behind the scenes”, but the article details it in-depth in public for the first time.

If the press is going to cover this, great, but let’s get the main background of the story right. Ok?

Like we said, more to come. Much more.

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